Please refer to it as "Stargate DAW" (Stargate Digital Audio Workstation) to distinguish it from the various other brands that include the word "Stargate"

Music Oriented Media

Stargate DAW is a digital audio workstation with a powerful pattern based workflow ideal for electronic music, with flexible routing, easy sidechaining, and a comprehensive suite of built in plugins. The plugins have deep analog modelling of classic hardware for a warm, lush sound, and highly CPU optimized algorithms. Stargate DAW has been tested to work well on even an old Core2 Duo laptop running large projects with many plugins.

Stargate DAW has many innovative features for mobility, portability and collaboration. The projects can be easily moved between computers, backed up to external or cloud storage, or shared with collabators anywhere in the world, even across different operating systems or CPU architectures. Stargate can run from a USB flash drive alongside your projects and sample libraries, and provides excellent battery life when used on a laptop.

Designed for extreme project durability. It should be possible to backup your projects now, and open and edit your Stargate DAW v1 projects 100 years from now** using a VM and the forthcoming Stargate OS image. **Assuming computers, x86 and VMs are a still a thing in 100 years.

Learn more at the official website or download from Github

Tech Oriented Media

Stargate DAW is a digital audio workstation with a focus on strong cross platform support, highly CPU optimized algorithms and an innovative, integrated music production experience. Stargate has been tested to scale to at least 16 cores, and work well on low end hardware such as AMD Trinity and Core2 Duo laptops, or Raspberry Pi4, even running large projects with many instances of the built-in plugins.

Fully open source with a GPL3 license, learn more at the official website ,or Github

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  • * A digital audio workstation (DAW) with a powerful pattern-based workflow
  • * A comprehensive suite of built-in instrument and effect plugins
  • * A basic wave editor
  • * First class support for sidechaining
  • * Powerful, yet simple to use track routing
  • * Broad audio and MIDI hardware support
  • * Do more with less; The compact, multiplexed track and plugin rack architecture in Stargate DAW allows you to compose a full song using only 15-20 tracks, no need to use 50 or 100 tracks like other DAWs.
  • Modular mixer architecture; Mixer channels are a type of plugin that can be selected per track send
  • * Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, x86 and ARM. Can be ported to any other platform if there is sufficient demand
  • * Everything you need to create music in a single package, no need to install additional software
  • * Comprehensive learning videos on Youtube
  • * Revolutionary CPU efficiency for DAW and plugins, minimum recommended hardware: Raspberry Pi 4, or a 15 year old laptop with a dual core CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 720p display.
  • * Support for display resolution from 720p to 4k and above.
  • * Optional portable flash drive install on Windows (will be ported to other platforms if there is sufficient demand)